Let’s face it!

Freelancing isn’t for everyone! And there is just a hand-full of really good freelancers out there. So, before you head off quitting your job to start your freelancing adventure, you should consider the fact that freelancing may be even harder than having a 9 to 5 job. Everyone will tell you that!

I don’t care! I still want to be a freelancer…

I love that ambition you’re showing! In this case, stick around for a few more minutes, read some of the posts I wrote, and come back from time to time to get updates. I’ll take you on the same journey I’ve been, walk you on the same steps I’ve taken and teach you how to become a better freelancer, get jobs and help you turn this into a lifestyle.

Is freelancing a way of living?

Both me and Andreea quit our jobs about one year and a half ago. Since then we’ve been living on the back of freelance income and managed to thrive to the point where opened our own copywriting agency. We’re now making a steady income and looking to grow even further.

While we grow we are hoping to help others grow as well, while sharing tips of our experiences!

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