Do You Thank Your Customers Enough?

how to reward your customers in order to win more freelance jobs

Gratitude isn’t something you often find in freelancers these days. Yes, you thank your customers, but how often are you speaking from the heart and really mean it?

When one of your clients delays with the payment, you probably start bombing them with e-mails and reminding them that they’re past the due date. But what do you do when they release the cash fast and on time? How often do you e-mail them to say “thanks” for the fact that they made the payment on time?

Keep Clients Close by Offering Rewards

Recurring customers are the best! Just in the past two months, 90% of our business came from recurring jobs. Happy customers will always return for more. Even better, they will recommend you to friends, family etc.

And yes, I’m sure that you offer a great service. But why not leave an amazing impression that they will never forget?

“Thank you” shouldn’t be only in the form of words. Do you want to gain your customers’ full attention? Offer rewards! So, if I were to make a slogan out of this I would say: Don’t stop at words, offer rewards!

Simple Tricks to Surprise Your Customers

You can easily surprise your customers by using a few simple tricks.

  • Deliver Faster Than Expected

One thing that we do is deliver a few days faster than the due date. If we said that we’ll return the work in 72 hours, we’ll do it in 24 or 36. They’re always happy to see that the work has been done faster than expected and, even better, in case they will have a new project, you will get it faster, as you delivered faster.

  • Give a Bonus

A bonus can be a little bit of extra work or anything you can add extra that you think your customer will enjoy. I know what you’re thinking: why should I do extra work if I am not getting paid for it? The customer will return for more anyway, as my services are really great.

I’m sure that you only deliver quality work. But leaving an impression is more beneficial on the long-term. If, in a few years’ time, the client will need someone who offers the services you did, they’ll remember you because you left an impression and this is hard to forget. Moreover, everyone loves free stuff.

We had a few clients that contacted us after one-two years since our last collaboration with them. Two years is a lot, I’d say.

Or, if you’re not looking to do extra work, try adding something that you will work at once but can be used forever. For example, we’ve created two e-books that we give to our first-time customers, once the first milestone is complete. One of the e-books is about “How to Promote Yourself on Social Media”, the other is related to marketing tips. We figured that these will be helpful for customers since they are looking for copywriting services. For clients looking for e-book writing services we have some content drafted on “How to Promote Your Kindle E-books”.

If writing isn’t your main quality, don’t worry. You can always hire someone on Upwork or Freelancer. It will cost you about $50 and you only pay this once. But you can use this for years and the return on investment will be amazing.

Change bonuses often

You should have a few bonuses up your sleeve, as people get bored fast. If a customer orders numerous times from you, from time to time you should be able to provide them a reward and this has to be different from the previous one. Surprising your clients often will win their hearts and keep them loyal, as you will be one of the few people to apply this strategy.

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