How to Motivate Yourself to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Each person has a comfort zone in a way or another. It has that name for a reason: it sets a limit on something and doesn’t let us grow in that domain. Basically, it’s very hard to leave it, as you feel comfortable and don’t want to bother with anything.

Although it makes you feel good, it’s going to affect you in the long run. It’s not giving you any room for improvement, so you stagnate. However, if you get out of the comfort zone, you’ll notice that you really enjoy the results. This is why it’s better to motivate yourself to break out of your comfort zone.

For this reason, the guide below will tell you how to get out of your comfort zone.

1. Analyze your fears 

Analyzing your fears and knowing why you have them is essential in overcoming them. Try to think about the last time you felt uncomfortable in a situation, and what it felt like.

By having a clear image of how fear manifests in your body, you will be able to find out the situations when you left the comfort zone. As a result, you’ll be able to think of yourself in uncomfortable situations, and make yourself willing to leave the comfort zone.

2. Overcome your fear

Overcoming fear is, of course, the next step, and a very important one. Fear of the unknown is what stops you from growing. You need to get rid of it and start acting.

A way to gradually get rid of your fear is by telling yourself that you are brave and you can do it. Convincing your mind is what could lead to success.

3. Analyze your reactions

How do you usually react to certain things which surround you? Whether it’s a good reaction or not, it says a lot about you.

For example, how do you respond to criticism? Do you immediately flip the table and yell that you are good enough and don’t need anyone’s opinion? Well, that’s not the proper way to respond.

Even though it’s not unusual for criticism to make you question yourself, you shouldn’t erupt like a volcano. Look at it like you look at your Christmas gifts. Criticism can help you improve, so take it as constructive advice from someone who wants you to grow.

4. Take the first step

The first step is always the hardest one when it comes to anything. There’s always that “What if?” scenario in someone’s head, but you never know unless you try.

After taking the first step to improve yourself, you’ll notice that the next ones will come naturally. Get rid of your fear for new things, and you’ll only have good things waiting for you. If it doesn’t turn out good, it’s going to be an experience you learn from, and still improve.

5. Don’t always pick the comfortable choice

When something has an easy and a risky choice, people tend to, of course, choose the comfortable one.

However, it’s not always the best choice. The less comfortable choice is the one that helps you grow the most. Not only it helps you overcome fears, but it also teaches you something, unlike the easy one.

6. Don’t let failure stop you

Many people tend to let one failure dictate the rest of their life. This is one of the biggest mistakes ever.

Failure shouldn’t be an obstacle. On the contrary, it should be what pushes you forward. Failures help you see what you’ve been doing wrong, work on your mistakes and fix them, and obtain success the next time. Look at failures like they’re teachers, and it’s going to be easier to get out of your comfort zone.

7. Surround yourself with risk takers

Hanging out with people who are not afraid to take risks and get out of the comfort zone is going to motivate you as well.

Not only they could influence you to step forward, but you could also see the living example of taking risks. If they successfully got out of their comfort zone and achieved success, it’s going to change your opinion and make you take action.

8. Take small steps

Don’t just hurry and jump out of the comfort zone, because you may be scared of what’s out there and lock yourself back in.

Taking small steps is going to have you less scared and, as a result, achieve success more efficiently. For example, if you have to speak in public and the thought terrifies you, you can start exercising. First of all, try practicing alone, in front of a mirror. Afterwards, you can try speaking in front of a friend or family member, and slowly increasing the number of people you speak to. As a result, it’s going to make it easier for you in the big moment.

Baby steps are the way to go.

9. Think about your greatest accomplishments

Whenever you find yourself fearing to take action, take a step back and think about all the situations when you achieved something. It’s not going to be easy to face your fears, but at least it lets you find out what you’re able to do.

Ask yourself questions. What determined you to take action? How afraid were you to take action? How long did it take to be able to do so? What was the result? Finding answers to these questions is important.

The comfort zone is your enemy and your friend at the same time – while it keeps you relieved, it also stops you from growing. Thinking about the times when you achieved success is essential when you want to obtain it in the future as well.

10. Don’t lie to yourself

When you choose not to do something, don’t find excuses like “I don’t have time” or “I am not able to do that”. Instead, admit the fact that you’re afraid to do a certain thing. Admitting your fears is a step in confronting them and overcoming them. Consequently, getting out of your comfort zone will be easier.

11. Find a role model

Everyone has at least one person that inspires them to do things. This is available when it comes to comfort zones as well.

Finding out that someone has been in the same situation as you but overcame it is going to give you confidence. If someone already paved the way, you’ll find it easier to walk on the same path.

12. Make a quick decision

In certain situations, it may take you a while to think about what to do. Try taking a quick decision for once, without thinking about it. Learn to say “yes” more often. Not overthinking something makes it easier for you to step out of the comfort zone.

13. Let others decide for you

Although it doesn’t sound too fun, you should definitely try doing this. If you were in charge of something, maybe you would end up not doing anything. Let your friends decide what to do. If they make plans and you are forced to go along with them, you’ll be able to see how it works and actually not regret it.

As a result, you’ll get out of the comfort zone yourself and stop being afraid to try new things.

14. Find a reason

It can be difficult to get out of your comfort zone without a valid reason that motivates you. Imagine the scenario in which you actually take a step forward. Focus on the thought and let it evolve into action.

15. Always try new things

Trying things should become some kind of tradition, especially if you’re the kind of person who is too comfortable with your current situation. Although you find protection in familiar things, you can’t evolve without getting out of the comfort zone.

Ensure that new things are safe by stepping out and trying them. It doesn’t have to be something great – just try something small that you’ve never thought about. For example, go to events or new places every week. You may find out that you actually enjoy having these new things in your life, and thus be more motivated.

Consequently, trying new things will cease to be so intimidating to you.

16. Think about the meaning of “comfortable”

This is very important when learning how to leave your comfort zone. Think about what makes you feel comfortable, and why. What are you feeling when you’re in the comfort zone?

Does it make you feel secure? Does it rather make you feel bored? Maybe the comfort zone is also the failure zone, as it keeps you from changing.

Change the meaning of comfort, and make yourself feel comfortable when changing and growing. It’s one of the things that can make you finally leave the comfort zone.

17. Make comparisons 

You could also learn how to step out of your comfort zone by comparing the possible outcomes of both of the situations.

Think about what are the best and worst things that could happen if you leave the comfort zones. By doing this, you’ll be able to address any fear of the discomfort it could bring. Afterwards, it could help you channel your energy on the success of trying new things.

18. Create challenges

You could try to intentionally lose yourself on the way to something to see what you can do and learn to deal with any situation.

Therefore, you could create your own challenges. For instance, try asking out that pretty girl that sits alone at the table. If you find it disturbing when people stare at you, try staring at them until they turn away. These are all small things that could help you take action in more serious situations as well.

19. Change your daily routine

Nowadays, when someone wakes up in the morning, the first thing they tend to do is check their social media. This is used as a way to ease their morning tiredness and give them a mood boost to start the day. Because who is motivated to directly jump in the car and go to work?

Well, it would be a great idea to stop doing these things. Try leaving them for later, and do the things that you don’t want to. You’re not only getting out of the comfort zone, but you save time and focus on what’s important as well.

20. Thank yourself

People usually don’t take the time to thank themselves. You are your own friend and enemy. If you successfully get out of the comfort zone and embrace discomfort with open arms, you learn a lot about yourself. It’s important to get to know yourself better.

Take some time to think about what you’ve done and what influence it had on you. Think about the benefits, and thank yourself for actually taking action. And maybe buying yourself a little treat could help as well.

Thanking yourself is something that’s going to help you in future situations, as it makes you more confident as well.

21. Remember that tomorrow is a day as well

By now, you probably know that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. If you get out of the comfort zone and you’re not successful, all hope is not lost. Tomorrow is a new day, and you could try again. Just because you failed once, it doesn’t mean you’re always going to fail.

22. Enjoy the process

Be happy for the fact that you were able to step out of the comfort zone. You’ve discovered new things about yourself. Moreover, focusing on the fun of the progress is going to help you take action in the future as well.


Getting out of the comfort zone seems like a very hard task, especially when we’re totally enjoying stagnating. However, it’s only going to make you feel down in the future, as you’re never going to grow this way.

Stepping out of the comfort zone is possible with some motivation, and hopefully this guide has shown you the ways to motivate yourself.

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