Why Failure Is Part of Success

If you’ve ever failed in something, you’ve probably heard about how failure helps you learn. Although you may have thought that people were only trying to cheer you up, the fact that failure can help you build success is actually true.

Sadly, many people lack the ability to deal with failure and have the tendency to quit something once they don’t achieve success. If you are able to overcome the sadness that comes with failure, you will be able to see how it’s the light in the darkness.

There are things you learn through failure that success couldn’t show you. Not only it teaches you how to fix mistakes, but helps you as a person as well.

Here is why failure is helping you on the way to success.

Failure shows you the type of person that you are

People are different. For that reason, they all handle failure differently. Some take it as a lesson and move on, while others treat it as the end of the world. The way you handle it says a lot about yourself.

This is important in finding out what to fix about yourself.

Failure shapes you as a person

At first, failure feels like it ruined your whole life and nothing is worth it anymore. However, you have no idea how important it is in your growth.

Through it, you are able to see your mistakes, acknowledge them and take responsibility for them. If you don’t know the reason for your failure, you could still learn about it and try to fix it.

Failure has the gift to make you a stronger person and a humbler one. Additionally, it helps you build trust with yourself about future situations. This is why you shouldn’t fear failure, but rather embrace it and let it change you to your best version.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

The popular Dr. Seuss quote holds a lot of truth. Think about this: what would you have felt if you haven’t tried it at all? Would the feeling have been better than failure?

The answer is most likely negative. If you didn’t try following your dreams, time would have passed and you would have a lot of regrets. When chasing your dreams, it’s normal to encounter obstacles along the way. Don’t let them, discourage you. It’s good to know that at least you tried.

Not only you are closer to achieving your goal, but you also gain true confidence rather than false one. When you easily gain success, it makes you think that failure is nearly impossible. Failure is what teaches you that obstacles could always appear and you should strive for better.

You are able to see how capable you are

Have you heard anyone say that you don’t know what you’re good at unless you try it? That is very true. Trying and failing help you see if you are able to do certain things or not. This way, you learn to take a different path on your way to success.

Moreover, it helps you cope with the depression that comes with failure. You become stronger and you can do whatever you want.

Failure teaches you more than success

Failure is something essential to your growth. Basically, you put a lot of effort into trying to achieve success. When success is too hard to reach and you fail, you are able to see what are the mistakes that you’ve made.

By sitting back and analyzing your mistakes, you can find ways to fix them, and work your way to success. So, it forces you to think, but at least you learn a lot about yourself and what you can and can’t do.

It helps you reach your potential

Basically, to be able to reach your goal, you have to push yourself to your limits without fearing failure. This is why failing is essential. It helps you know what failure actually feels like, while success doesn’t.

You will be able to fight harder for your dreams while feeling more determined and motivated.

You learn how to value things

Do you know how people have the tendency to appreciate what they had only after it’s gone? It’s the same with success.

Whereas success is something that could easily get to your head, failure keeps you grounded. Through failing, you learn how to value everything to be able to succeed, and is one of the best lessons offered by failure.

Failure makes you braver

The fear of failing dictates a person’s life. It is what holds someone back from getting out of the comfort zone and taking action. Experiencing failure can show you what it feels like, and you won’t fear it anymore.

On the other hand, success keeps you with your head in the clouds, and when you finally fail, it devastates you. This is why you should appreciate failure – it turns you into a person who isn’t afraid to try anything.

It give you experience

The most experienced people have most likely experienced success at one point in their lives. Everything a person goes through gives them experience and makes them more able to cope with it the next time.

Success doesn’t have the ability to give us a reality check like failure does. Failure is the one that helps us understand life and change into better human beings.


In a world where everyone strives for success, failure is the reality that a lot of people are too afraid to face. However, it is what could help you achieve the much desired success. It makes you look back at what you did, find out what you did wrong and work to fix it. Not only you become a better person, but the success will also taste better when you put so much hard work to achieve it.

Don’t let failure discourage you. Embrace it and let it shape you into a successful being.

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