What’s the Next Step After Freelancing

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I initially thought of doing a post about New Year’s resolutions and stuff. But everybody does that. I don’t like being “everybody”. Instead, I will start 2016 with something simple, the answer to a question you may or may not have asked yourself to this point – what’s the next step after freelancing?

If you’re like me, you probably like to grow and feel like you’re a few or more steps ahead than you were last year. You need a new challenge at some point and you want to see tangible results.

While you’re an employee, you get this opportunity when being promoted or when changing your current job with a better one. But things are different in freelancing. Of course, you will increase your rate at some point, get better contracts and more important customers but you may feel that your career hasn’t really changed. It’s a lot like having numerous one-night stands but wishing a long-term relationship. The solo dance becomes boring, you get sick of working alone and you start looking for something serious. So, what comes after a few years in freelancing?

Truth be said, freelancing is just the next step in your career and not really a career on its own. It’s that period in your life when you prove yourself to different people, showcase your skills and create relationships for the next step to come – entrepreneurship. Although this hasn’t been proven by British scientists just yet, I firmly believe that freelancers have a much bigger chance of becoming entrepreneurs than employees. Here are the answers to a few “why’s”:

  • as a freelancer, you get direct access to customers, which helps you build relationships and trains you with regards to their needs and requirements;
  • your freelance clients could easily become your business clients if they were pleased with your work;
  • you have the liberty of advancing at a fast pace in your career and you’re not limited by anything or anyone;
  • you develop an important set of skills which you wouldn’t normally develop as an employee. In fact, I feel that many of the skills you need as a freelancer are somewhat similar to those you need as an entrepreneur;
  • you become more independent, responsible and learn to handle most things on your own. You don’t have this opportunity as an employee as these are usually your bosses’ responsibilities;

One you’ve become a successful freelancer, it will be really hard to return to your former life and lose all the liberty you’ve gained. So, the next logical move is to hire other people to do the job that you do now, as you’ll both move forward in your career and still hold on to that liberty that freelancing gives you.

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  1. I completely agree! I’ve been a freelancer for a few years now and I feel like I would never go back to an in-house job. I love the freedom and responsibility that comes with this new status, although it can be stressful and risky at times. But once you learn how to relax and enjoy it all, everything will be all right!

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