Top 51 Websites to Find Freelance Jobs

best websites to find freelance jobs on

One of the most important aspects in freelancing is keeping a continuous workflow and getting as many jobs as possible. Thus, you have to give yourself as much access to freelance jobs as possible. Although it’s going to take time and it will become a boring task at some point, one of the best ways to get freelance jobs is to sell your service on as many freelance platforms as possible. The good news is that there are plenty of high-quality freelance sites you can find online. You just have to know about their existence, so that you can actually find them. Lucky for you, you’ve reached the perfect place.

The greatest part about freelance sites is that they can aid you to make the right connections in your working domain, building strong and lasting relationships with clients while sharpening your skill and experience. This is an important set of opportunities. Below, you will find our list of 51 freelance websites that will come in handy as you will start your freelancing career. Keep on reading.

1. Upwork (previously oDesk)

Upwork is no.1 in my top of best freelancing sites, as it has over 1.5 million clients. That is mainly because it was the first site where I began my freelancing work. Here, you can find jobs whether you’re a beginner or have years of experience behind you, as Upwork has clients and employees from all corners of the world. While you will stumble across low-budget jobs on Upwork, there are also a lot of highly-paid projects.

Signing up on Upwork is simple. If your profile is designed attractively and your proposal is well written, you will get more jobs, so you should initially focus on these two aspects. It’s important you have a complete profile, including various samples and references. Another important tip is taking tests that will prove your knowledge and expertise. This will prove clients you know what you’re talking about, and might increase your chances of getting hired.

You need to search for jobs according to your skills and expertise. After you obtain interviews and jobs, you will be able to track your hour or project status and also benefit from obtaining payment through the site.

If you’re just starting your career as a freelancer, don’t get discouraged if you don’t get jobs right away. At first, you might be required to take up lower-paid jobs to gain some extra experience and positive feedback. Still, as your experience in freelancing grows, you will be able to obtain better-paid gigs. The bottom-line is that Upwork is a great site to start off as a freelancer, it has provided me with a steady, reliable income for a while now, and I can tell it actually works.

2. Craigslist

As surprising as it may seem to you that I added Craigslist on this list, you’ve read that just right. The fact is that Craigslist is a positive source of obtaining a great variety of freelancing gigs. I know a lot of people who have obtained some of their highest-paying clients on Craigslist, so don’t underestimate its efficiency. I’ll explain you the way in which Craigslist actually functions. First, you should pick the city you live in or one of the main cities in the country. Focus on the “jobs” or “gigs” section associated with each city. Read the job descriptions and apply according to the given instructions of the site. If you can’t find any instructions just send an e-mail making your offer, and attach a personalized cover letter. If you get a response, the procedure is similar to that of a regular interview.

Now, as a personal piece of advice, I would like to tell you to look for jobs in as many cities as possible including cities in Europe, Canada, and U.S. Don’t overlook reading each job description most attentively. You need to pay attention to the post, so that your e-mail looks professional and, in this way, increase your odds of getting the job. Equally important is including some samples, to prove that you are experienced and are good at what you do.

A common mistake most people fall into is browsing old postings that are no longer available. Don’t lose your time sending your offer to old postings. The best part about Craigslist is, in spite of the fact that it might not be an obvious choice concerning freelancing, you can find a great deal of opportunities. And, most importantly, you aren’t required to pay to benefit from its use.

3. Toptal

Toptal presents quite a distinct approach, in comparison to other freelancing sites on this list. Toptal is the ideal freelancing board for highly experienced, talented writers. If you pass Toptal’s screening process, you will benefit from incomparable access to a myriad of projects offered by prestigious clients. And the best part about Toptal is that the money is good, thus you will really feel rewarded for your hard work. Toptal users can become members of the Toptal community that includes regular meetings and social events.

Toptal is currently limited to only freelance designers and developers.

4. Freelancer

Having more than 11 million users and 6 million projects, Freelancer broadcasts itself as the most important freelancing site in the world. Freelancer provides writers with a multitude of attractive, creative writing gigs. Additionally, unlike the majority of freelancing platforms, opting for Freelancer will enable you to take part in competitive contests with other freelancers that will prove your experience and expertise in your domain. Now, if you are confident about your skills, then, Freelancer is perfect for you.

Plus, setting up an account on freelancer is free of charge. In case you have a free account, the platform will take 10 percent of the amount of money you earn per hour. In the case of fixed-priced projects, it will take 5 percent of your earnings. You can opt for paid membership plans that imminently encompass a myriad of additional perks and benefits. It depends on your status as a freelancer.

5. Guru

Guru helps individual clients connect with freelancers who work in a range of domains. This freelancing platform allows you to advertise your expertise to clients, unlike other platforms. Plus, you can display your experience in freelancing. Clients can post job posts; freelancers can apply for. The projects are paid per hour, and there is no bidding necessary. Obtaining positive feedback and the total amount of earnings increases the freelancer’s chances of obtaining more jobs. The platform will require 4.5 percent of the amount of money you earn per project. Also, it provides its users with daily notifications regarding jobs, so that you don’t miss any gigs that might work for you. Plus, the site is easy to use.

6. Freelance Writing Gigs

This freelancing platform has plenty to offer for writers, editors, bloggers, and any other freelancing position you might think of. This is the perfect board for you if your expertise is writing. Plus, it offers a great deal of high-quality writing resources to help users sharpen their skills.

7. Warrior Forum

I currently find Warrior Forum as one of the best places to find freelance jobs on. Some of the jobs are really well paid and it is pretty easy to connect with people on the forum. Try to be active, contribute to discussions and you will easily find yourself facing new opportunities and job possibilities.

8. iFreelance

This particular platform includes jobs for writers, editors, coders and freelance marketers as well. The positive side when it comes to this platform is that it allows you to keep the entire amount of your earnings, which is a big bonus for every freelancer. However, you, as a freelancer should deal with collecting payment for your completed jobs. Everyone can choose to join iFreelance, still, the fact is that you will be required to pay an upfront cost. The price for basic membership is $6.25 per month, silver membership costs $9 and gold membership costs $12. You can also benefit from various discounts in case of prepaid packages.

9. Fiverr

This freelancing platform is quite distinct from the regular freelancing site, meaning that clients don’t post their projects for freelancers to apply, but, instead, this site enables freelancers to create gigs according to their expertise and experience. This way, freelancers broadcast their services to companies that might search for them.

10. Demand Media Studios

Different from other freelancing platforms, Demand Media Studios focuses on collaborating with freelancers to promote high-qualitative content. You can broadcast your skills as a writer, editor, photographer, filmmaker and others as well.

11. GetACoder

This platform is perfect for aspiring freelance writers, web designers, and programmers, helping small businesses develop as well. The projects you will find on this site are small-scale, and ideal for freelancers who don’t intend to commit to working on 3 to 6-month projects.

12. Constant-content

This is one of the top-notch marketplaces for promoting your skills as a freelance writer or editor. On this platform, writers may ask real money for their services, given the site’s popularity. In spite of the fact that Constant-Content requires a strict editorial process, thanks to increased market demand, freelancers are able to benefit from a wide range of best-paid projects.

13. College recruiter

Recent graduates and college students can benefit from the variety of freelancing jobs provided by College recruiter. The board offers a wide range of categories and a handful of basic tips about getting hired and obtaining jobs. This platform is great for those who wish to concentrate on freelancing and turn it into a career choice.

14. People Per Hour

A lot of freelancers claim that this site offers a wide range of convenient offers. The fact is that People Per Hour links clients with a set of specialized freelancers. You can create a free account, in which you list all your previous experience and information concerning your studies and expertise. This freelancing platform allows you to find work in three main ways.

First, there are posts that are visible to all users, to complete jobs such as writing blog posts. You are able to establish the conditions in which you will carry out the job. Secondly, you may opt for sending a number of 15 proposals throughout a month, which are visible to all freelancers on the platform. And, of course, you may choose to work with a client that personally singles you out and proposes you a job. In all of these situations, you need to settle your asking price. The platform is quite competitive, so you need to be cautious before establishing your wished compensation.

As a bonus, People Per Hour is a well-organized platform that is also easy to use. A plus concerning People Per Hour is that the competition is not as pressing as it is on other freelancing sites such as Upwork. Also, the rates are quite favorable for freelancers.

15. 99 designs

Distinct from the majority of freelancing sites listed in this article, 99 designs offers jobs for freelance designers in particular. Each job is designed similar to a contest, stimulating each individual’s competitive spirit. This way, a lot of designers send in their work, and after seven days’ time, the client selects the design he/she thinks is more suitable and high-qualitative. 99 designs is a great way to start your career as an aspiring design freelancer that wishes to sharpen his/her skills and experience. You will receive feedback after completing a job, and, in this way, obtain your set of loyal clients. Joining 99 designs is free of charge.

16. Paid to Blog Job

Even though I’m not a member of this freelancing site, I have read a lot of positive feedback concerning the quality of the range of jobs it offers. Still, the bad side of this freelancing site is that you have to pay a fee to use it. You ought to decide whether you think it’s worth it to pay the fee or not.

17. Projects4hire

Given the fact that this freelancing platform provides multiple project categories, Project4hire actually aids you to select your preferred job offerings, without having to browse through large volumes of ads. It’s a great platform for programmers, coders, consultants and others as well.

18. ProBlogger Job Board

This freelancing site has been quite well-known for a couple of years now, and, in the present, it’s still quite popular. It is created especially for bloggers, offering reliable and varied freelance writing gigs that, if you’re lucky, might become your clients in the long run. There are plenty of bloggers who say that they have earned quite a significant amount of money through this freelancing site.

However, even though the jobs on ProBlogger are mostly convenient and attractive, still, every freelancer should check each job ad before applying, as the site is not responsible for this particular aspect. The fact is that even on the best job boards, the odds are you will stumble across advertisers who will want writers to do the job being paid next to nothing, that’s no news.

19. WriterInBox

WriterInBox provides paid offers for freelance writers. The best part about it is that after signing up, you will be notified daily of qualitative freelancing jobs that meet your expertise. This way, you save a lot of time you would normally use to browse for writing gigs, which can be quite time-consuming.

For a $1 fee, you can use the site for a month’s time, and, I can say that the site presents potential regarding offering a great variety of writing jobs.

20. LinkedIn

LinkedIn, because it’s a professional network, offers a great deal of job offers. Besides the fact that the platform connects the best functionality, the LinkedIn community might offer you helpful pieces of advice concerning applying for a certain position or hiring someone. Still, even if it’s not particularly designed for providing freelancing jobs, it can be quite useful in helping you to establish relations with people who are in search of the services you offer.

21. StackExchange

Similar to Craigslist and LinkedIn, StackExchange is not designed as a freelancing platform. Nonetheless, it’s quite a popular site, and it can be effectively used in an attempt to build relations with possible clients. Of course, you ought to have determination and patience when establishing new relations, but, who knows who you might stumble across?

22. concentrates on making long-term hires. This site can also be helpful for freelancers in finding writing gigs and not only.

23. DesignCrowd

Similar to 99 Designs, DesignCrowd is a freelancing platform that offers a great deal of job offers for web designers, graphic artists and others as well. Still, distinct from 99Designs, clients are enabled to pay the amount of money they wish for the one that wins the contest. Generally speaking, a contest includes about 100 entries, meaning that the platform is quite competitive. The best part is that there’s no fee required to enter a contest for winning a job.

You can choose to browse for contests in various categories. If you encounter a contest that suits your experience and expertise, simply enter it and add your work. It the client finds your work appropriate but might like some improvements, he/she can ask you to make some adjustments.

The fact is that you will lose your copyright for your design. Still, you can choose to ask the client to allow you to use your work in your portfolio. After winning a range of contests, you will have built yourself a positive reputation, increasing your odds of getting more jobs.

24. MediaBistro

MediaBistro provides freelancing jobs for writers, developers, editors, and other freelancers in the domain. You can choose either from temporary, part-time and full-time jobs. It seems that this platform includes approximately 100,000 editors and hiring managers. You simply design an online profile that includes your CV information, work samples and a section in which you include a personal description. The fee required is of $21 per month or $145 per year. You first month as a member is free of charge.

If you obtain a job, you won’t be required to share your earnings with MediaBistro, as it is with other platforms in this list. All the negotiations concerning the job are carried out personally by the freelancer. The downside to MediaBistro is that there is a wide range of highly experienced freelancers, so, if you’re just beginning your career in the domain, it might be difficult at first to get jobs, which might be discouraging.

25. Textbroker

Textbroker offers a great deal of freelancing opportunities for writers in particular. Signing up is free of charge, but you are required to take a writing test that proves your knowledge. Only afterward can you actually begin receiving jobs. You are given a rating for every outset, which will imminently broadcast your earning power. For instance, two-star writers will earn significantly less than 5-star writers. It’s obvious that high ranks equal more jobs. Still, after settling reliable connections with a set of clients, you will be able to establish the amount of money you wish to receive per service.

26. crowdSpring

crowdSpring is a platform that delivers jobs to copywriters, graphic designers, and web designers. You can create a profile for free. The platform also promotes contests, and entering them is also free of charge. You can benefit from multiple entries at your choice. However, the fact is that crowdSpring will ask for 40 percent of the total amount you earn per job. The platform will also host annual contests that aren’t given unless they don’t gather a minimum of 100 bids before the deadline date.

27. TheShelf

TheShelf is a platform where freelance writers that write on various subjects tie relations and choose to collaborate in order to attract the targeted audience.

28. Authentic Jobs

Freelancers can browse for reliable full-time or freelance options on this platform. You can end up working with important companies such as Sony, HBO, HP, Facebook, and others.

29. Flexjobs

This freelancing platform caters job offerings in more than 50 career domains. You can be certain of the job listing’s reliability, as Flexjobs screens each job, to make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate company. Additionally, this platform allows freelancers to benefit from tests that prove the freelancer’s skills as well as other useful tips and convenient discounts for members.

30. Krop

Krop is a platform that delivers creative and varied job postings for tech freelancers in particular. The site offers a combination of full-time, part-time and freelance gigs you can search for according to your preferences.

31. Zerys

Zerys is a platform created especially for freelance writers. Signing up is easy and, if you get approved, you will have access to a job board where you can select from numerous writing jobs.

32., an international platform, connects entrepreneurs from every corner of the world with professional freelancers working in various domains such as writing, design, programming and so on. Payment is 100 percent guaranteed, and freelancers may negotiate the terms in which they can complete projects.

Outsource is pretty much similar to Upwork, Freelancer or Guru but the number of projects is still limited as the platform is pretty new on the market.

33. ScriptLance

With the help of ScriptLance, you can obtain a wide range of freelancing jobs based on your expertise as there are numerous projects available.

34. Journalism Jobs

Journalism delivers a great deal of jobs in this particular domain, being also quite popular and well-known, as it gets about 3 million views per month.

35. Smashing Magazine

This site has one of the top blogs offering a wide range of info that is utterly useful to web designers and programmers. Still, at the same time, Smashing Magazine delivers a great deal of jobs in the domain, which might appear attractive to freelancers.

36. AllFreelanceWork

Entering this freelancing platform enables you to encounter a wide range of jobs. You can create a portfolio that states your previous experience and expertise in your freelancing domain.

37. Working Nomads

The users of this site include freelancers who travel from country to country as they continue working, given the fact they’re freelancers.

38. Bidhire

Bidhire is a site that was constructed for the sole purpose of helping small businesses get in contact with freelance professionals from all over the world. The site enables you to apply to as many projects as you wish, and you don’t even have to sign up or even think about having to pay additional fees. As a bonus, you benefit from Bidhire’s protection when it comes to getting paid.

39. Localancers

This is the ideal platform for freelancers that work in the IT business. If you wish to benefit from the great variety of jobs offered by this platform, you ought to sign up for the cost of $17.

40. YunoJuno

This is another platform that is great for freelancers who wish to establish relationships with new clients. YunoJuno also offers a set of useful tools for its users, making it easy to use to site.

41. HireMyFriend

This is a special site for friends to recommend their friends for getting freelancing jobs from startups. After you get accepted, you can create your own profile in which you include all your skills and previous experience, and, afterward, interested clients will contact you for gigs.

42. Folyo

If you want to get a job as a freelancer in design, then it’s time you create a profile on Folyo, and you will be linked to various jobs that meet your status and personal info.

43. OnSite

This platform delivers a myriad of freelancing opportunities for developers, copywriters, designers and others. After getting accepted, as a freelancer, you can display your CV, previous experience and state a price rate for the services you offer.

44. Traction

Traction is a site designed for freelancers to get acquainted with entrepreneurs and companies that are offering job postings.

45. Pro-freelance

Enter this freelancing network and you will get the chance to benefit from encountering a great deal of projects from a wide range of sites. Plus, the payment is, in most cases, quite rewarding. Services range from graphic design, SEO services, and website design. You can choose to create a post in which you offer your freelancing services free of charge, so as to attract more clients.

46. Freelance-projects

This particular site encompasses freelance job postings from various sites, offering you quite an impressive variety, which is a plus. The focus in placed on offering entrepreneurs the chance to find appropriate freelancing professionals.

47. FreelanceSwitch Jobs

This site encompasses a community of highly experienced freelancers that work in all kinds of domains. The site is neat and well-organized, making it effortless to navigate. There are thousands of job listings available, and useful resources for freelancers.

48. LocalSolo

LocalSolo is a platform that enables entrepreneurs to encounter experienced freelancers specialized in various domains including copywriting, photography, design, and so on. You can choose to create a free-of-charge account as a freelancer or as an employer.

49. Online Writing Jobs

Online Writing Jobs is a site that delivers service for companies that want to be offered high-quality written content. Before being sent to the client, the articles undergo a double-check procedure. As a freelancer on Online Writing Jobs, you will be paid about $50 per article.

50. CrowdSite

On this site, you will be able to browse for ads that fit your preparation and expertise, and afterward, negotiate with the client the details concerning the project.

51. SimplyHired

SimplyHired offers a myriad of job postings in a wide range of domains, which might come in handy for freelancers. It is easy for users to be picky when choosing jobs, thanks to the option that allows you to perform a location search. As a bonus, it encompasses a blog that offers a bunch of useful hiring tips and a company director.


Although there are numerous freelancing platforms, some more popular than others, in the end, finding freelance jobs is determined by your will and persistence. Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Warrior Forum, Craiglist etc. are just ways to connect with potential clients. From that point on, your success and evolution are your responsibility and only you can decide, through your actions, if you’re going to become the next top freelancer in your field.

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